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Voter Information

Voting remains one of the few ways we, as citizens, have a voice in our local, state, and federal governments.  Unfortunately, the State of Tennessee has made it increasingly difficult to exercise that right.  For example, Tennessee requires a state-issued ID (a school or work id is not sufficient); further, citizens must register at least 30 days before election day in order to vote.  Here's more information about voting:  

Make sure you take your driver's license with you to vote and that it matches the address on record at your county's election commission.  Not sure about the address where you are registered or whether you are registered at all?   CHECK YOUR VOTER REGISTRATION HERE.  You must register to vote 30 days before voting day (yet another Tennessee regulation that limits accessibility to voting).   If you don't have a drivers' license, you can get a Tennessee ID by following the directions at this link. 


Did you know you can vote by mail in the August 6 Primary and the November 3 General Election?  There are various reasons voters  are able to vote absentee during every election; this year, however, one of those reasons is if you believe it is unreasonable to vote in person due to the risks COVID19 presents.  Thanks to a ruling from a Davidson County Chancellor, voters in Tennessee won't have to choose between protecting their health and voting.   

To vote by mail, you must submit your application to your county elections commission for a mail-in ballot no later than JULY 30, 2020!   Contact information for each of the County Elections Commissions located within TN House District 25 is listed below.  

For more information about early voting, your precinct location, whether you are registered to vote, or any other question about voting, here's who you should contact:  


Jill Davis, Election Commission Administrator.  931-484-4919. 

2 South Main Street, Suite 105 | Crossville, TN 38555


Michele Honeycutt, Election Commission Administrator.  (931) 526-2566.

705 County Services Drive | Cookeville, TN 38501


Wayne Simons, Election Commission Administrator. (931) 946-2728. .

121 Taft Drive | Spencer, TN 38585




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